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Thursday, January 4th Workshop

Nancy McNall – “Smokey Mountains”


9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Location: The Haven, 13180 Dorman Road, Pineville

Members, $45; non-members, $60.   

No kit fee; students provide their own fabric.

Make it scrappy or control the colors. Follow Nancy’s step-by-step instruction to keep this organized and easy. A native of Rock Hill, she now lives in Clarkston, Mich. She teaches at national shows, symposiums, guilds, quilt shops and has an online channel with YouTube. She is an educator in both piecing and longarm machine quilting. 

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Thursday, February 8th Workshop

Candace Hassen – “Let’s Polka”

 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

 LOCATION: Mouzon United Methodist Church, 3100 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte

Members, $45; non-members, $60.  

Kit fee: $7

Simple blocks and half triangles make this traditional design into a contemporary masterpiece.


Candace, who has a bachelor’s degree in art, started out as a weaver and took up quilting about 15 years ago. She realizes that being a weaver for years has influenced her quilting. “They both often rely on color interplay and repeated geometric design. I design my quilts, and publish patterns from them. I love scrap quilts – the more fabrics and colors – the better.”

Supply List for Let’s Polka 48” x 72”

 You can actually make this quilt any size you would like, by just adding blocks, but I made this supply list for a 48” by 72” throw.

 sewing machine
piecing thread
glue stick (we will not use this a lot, and it will be possible for several people to share)
rotary cutter/mat (I prefer at least a 18” by 24” mat)
pencil for marking light fabrics, and marking tool for dark fabrics
1 piece fine grain sand paper, minimum size, 8” square
square ruler (9” minimum)
If you have a long ruler, you may find it useful to bring, but I don’t think it would be necessary to buy one
Let’s Polka Pattern

If you get a lot of blocks done, you might like to play with laying them out, so you may find it useful to have a vinyl tablecloth so you can lay them out, and preserve your layout by rolling it up, and taking it home.


 2 ½ yards assorted dots-variety in size and spacing of dots adds interest
2 ½ yards assorted stripes
2 ½ yards assorted solids
The more variety you have the better, fat quarters would work well.

Class participants have brought all kinds of other types of fabrics, and I love to see their innovations, but the use of stripes is a substantial part of what I will be teaching, so class participants may find it helpful to have at least some fabrics that look like a stripe on hand to play with.


Thursday, April 5th Workshop


Sue Pritt – Fusible web, machine applique wall hanging


9 a.m.-4 p.m.

 Location: The Haven 13180 Dorman Road, Pineville

 Members, $45; non-members, $60.  

 Kit fee: $8-$22

Choose your pattern and learn simple piecing applique with fusible web.

Workshop participants must sign up by Feb. 7. Class participants must choose their patterns and pay for kits when registering. Instructor will prepare individual kits and return prior to workshop. Participants will receive specific fabric requirements and cut out shapes prior to class.

  Members, $45; non-members, $60.  

 Each student will buy a kit, including choice of pattern and pre-printed fusible web sheets. Price varies, depending on choice/size of pattern. Price range is $8-$22.

Choose one of these patterns by Feb. 7.

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